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Friday, September 10, 2010

Instant Messaging with Intalio, openESB, GlassFish, PSI and OpenFire XMPP Server

If you are interested in deploying an Instant Messaging component in your Intalio process, read on.  I recently was involved in a project in which a telecommunications company wanted to send instant messaging notifications when certain events where triggered (usually timers).  The architecture that was chosen was using a php script that accepted a post and then relayed the information to XMPP server.  In this scenario OpenFire XMPP server was used. I was only responsible for developing the REST call from within Intalio which was pretty easy and straight forward.  However not being a php developer, I wanted another solution I could use in other environments.

In a previous blog, I noted how I used openESB to create an LDAP web service Intalio could call to query for users and then send email notifications.  I have not been back to openESB in sometime, but I came across their new XMPP Binding Connector (BC).  I read some documentation and figured I could use the same design with XMPP that I did with LDAP.  Create a web service in openESB using NetBeans and then deploy the service to Glassfish Server and let Intalio call the web service.

So, here are the basic components.  Create a project with two WSDLs and one BPEL diagram.  The first WSDL I usually call trigger, since Intalio will call this end point and trigger the invocation of the XMPP WSDL.  The WSDL will be SOAP document literal and just pass in two parameters, jabber id (jid) and message.  The BPEL process will receive the message and then assign the variables for the XMPP WSDL.  Then invoke the XMPP WSDL and you are done.  You have to add the XMPP jar files to openESB but the documentation is on openESB for you to read.

Next take the WSDL for the trigger (SOAP document literal) and put it in your Intalio project.  Also take the schema you had to create for the WSDL and place that in Intalio.  Wire up the WSDL in the intalio mapper, deploy and test.

I installed OpenFire XMPP server locally and used PSI XMPP Client.  Installation and set up is easy.

Any questions, contact me at  Any other good XMPP uses in BPM let me know.

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